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Danny Phantom

When DANNY PHANTOM -- a shy oddball with eclectic friends and weird parents who also happens to be the target of a bully and the hip-but-twisted school principal -- mistakenly steps into a ghost portal at the wrong time (as if there's a right time) and is turned into a phantom, his whole life changes. Little by little, he transforms, becoming half ninth grader, half phantom. He discovers that he can fly and that whenever a ghost is nearby, a blue vapor trail escapes from his mouth. All of these changes are distressing but exciting -- much like the changes that come with adolescence.

Danny Phantom

The Jekyll and Hyde aspect of Danny's personality is also disturbing; his eyes change color and his personality is more aggressive when he slips into his phantom persona. Ultimately, the show suffers for giving into the violent mainstream.

@Chibi_Manny theyare using the original voice actors for zim, rocko, danny and jenny and probably useing the voice actor who voices powdered toast man in nickelodeon all-star brawl, they probably sound better because of better recording equipment and they look better because the developers of smite have more experience with making 3d models 041b061a72


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