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Buy Microsoft Surface Pro 4 I7

The reduced key size makes for more real estate below the keyboard, which let Microsoft expand the touchpad to 4 x 2-inches on the Surface Pro 4, up from 3.5 x 1.7-inches on the Surface Pro 3. That means there's now even more room to luxuriate in the soft-touch surface when mousing around and using gestures. Even clicking feels a little bit snappier.

buy microsoft surface pro 4 i7

I bought the surface pro 4 over a year ago for the purpose of shooting tethered and retouching on the go, and to tell you the truth, its somewhat of a challenge. If its being used for fun or personal work, then i suppose its fine. But the issues I have had with mine are the following;

1. I use ALOT of keyboard shortcuts when i retouch, so I cant really hold on to the surface like a tablet like Blair did. I did find a workaround to this, I bought a wacom express key remote to have a few of my most used keyboard shortcuts but I had issues with connecting the bluetooth dongle as its usb 3 and the surface pro 4 has usb 2 ports. Maybe this was fixed in the new surface, but I had to get a usb hub to connect the dongle. If you were to use the keyboard attached, it is waaay awkward to use the one hand on the keyboard and use the surface pen on the screen.

To expand on my first post to buy a top line surface pro you are in the price range of a mac book pro or an iMac. With an iMac you give up portability. But if a person is going to spend $2000 to $ 3000 on a computer should anyone let a software company (Adobe) tell you what hardware to buy? Now for video editing on a mac you would add $ 300 to the cost for FCPX, but with FCPX you can use PROres a proxie format. Smaller files on the computer but larger files on an external hard drive. Is Premiere the limiting factor for you Lee ? Microsoft does the same thing as Apple make very stylish hardware and sell it for a pretty penny.

It is not fault from manufacturer. It is design specific, You also cannot upgrade iPadPro. I prefer surface pro over iPadpro due to double amount of ram and storage within same price bracket. Please dont compare it with laptops. and buy laptop if you need future up gradations.

@murob2 completely different. MicroSD is what you can add for transfer or additional storage but the SSD inside is what holds the operating system and is MUCH faster. It can be replaced with a like item but if larger capacity if one wants to open the surface casing.

Hi all. So here i am n the surface, the typing experience is terrible! Is anyone using anything other than a kwyboard to map ctrl alt etc? I dont mind carrying a small controller around but would like to avoid a keyboawrd. 041b061a72


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