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Eelbeck Syrup LINK

You cannot - - - Eelbecks was bought by a large company - - I amtrying to find out who it was - thought it was Martha White - - butMartha White grits are - - yuck - - - alas - no more of that syrup- - - - but I have three bottles stocked :0)

eelbeck syrup

In the early 1940's he entered the corn milling and syrup manufacturing field, becoming an officer of Eelbeck Milling Co. During this same period he became a Director of the Merchants and Mechanics Bank. He was an original stockholder and member of the board of Southern Foods, Inc. He was also a Director of the Southeastern Retail Coal Association and of the Rotary Club of Columbus. He belonged to the Executives Club, the Country Club of Columbus and was affiliated with the Baptist Church.

We continue to meander through the Welbeck Estate picking, tasting, searching, sharing and chatting with our trusty guide, whose knapsack contains all manner of syrups, salts, seeds, tinctures and spirits.

Toward the end of the baking time, make the syrup. The orange syrup is what makes loaf cake wonderfully flavourful, sweet & tangy, and super aromatic! The syrup also makes the Pound cake super moist for days! Making the syrup literally takes less than 5 minutes and could not be easier!

Boil sugar and freshly squeezed orange juice for 3-5 minutes until syrup slightly thickens. Please pay attention to the consistency (it should get syrupy) instead of focusing on the time as each stove is different. What is important is that you use the syrup immediately: pour warm syrup all over the warm Cranberry Orange cake, then syrup will sink in. You might want to pour the syrup in 2-3 stages depending on how quickly it sinks in.

Prepare a simple sugar syrup by boiling sugar and water. Stir in the cranberries and orange zest strips to fully coat in the syrup, then remove them into parchment paper. A few minutes later, the sugar syrup is somewhat set on the orange zest and cranberries, roll them in granulated sugar. Voila, your Cranberry Orange bread is ready with the most wonderful decoration on top!

Starting with the highest quality sap from only Sugar Maple trees and with over eighty years of production experience and knowledge in syrup production, Rocky Run a Premium Pure Canadian Maple Syrup has earned its stripes.

Rocky Run keeps up with technology and innovation. This is a key factor in producing a quality product. However, we do not allow the modern practice to take away from the craftsmanship of a boutique style syrup.


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