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Back Alley Tales APK: A Narrative Game with Consequences and Choices

Download Mega's Back Alley Tales Apk + Walkthrough for Android. You began working as a security guard in a small town and, out of curiosity, chose to review security camera data records. You had no idea you would stumble onto the raunchy alley tales. Download the most recent version of Back Alley Tales for Android right away!

The Back alley tales APK is a popular type of spy game in which the player is a security guard who watches a camera. The player starts his job, but sometimes he gets bored. When that happens, he starts to stream the pre-recorded footage from the cameras he was supposed to watch. When you look at the videos recorded by those cameras, you can see terrible things happening there that your eyes can't believe and your brain can't figure out. When you find out this, you'll have to make a choice.

back alley tales apk malavida

Back alley tales APK is the most recent version of the app you can find on the internet. Even though you can get mods for the app to make it easier to use, it's not worth it because the app is already perfect on its own. The game is both made up and based on real crimes that have happened on the streets of some of the most famous places in the world. The game is the next level for people who like great spy games and detective stuff.


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