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History Of Education In Nigeria By Fafunwa Pdf EXCLUSIVE Download

Originally published in 1974, a comprehensive history of Nigerian Education, from early times right through to the time of publication, had long been needed by all concerned with Education in Nigeria, students, teachers and educational administrators. No one was better qualified than Professor Fafunwa to provide such a book, and in doing so he gave due emphasis to the beginnings of Education in its three main stages of indigenous, Muslim and Christian Education.

history of education in nigeria by fafunwa pdf download


A knowledge of the history and development of the Nigerian Education system, of the numerous and intensely varied personalities and beliefs which have combined and often conflicted to shape it, is indispensable to all students in colleges and universities studying to become teachers. It is this knowledge that Professor Fafunwa set out to provide, drawing on his wide experience as teacher writer and educationalist.

In this unit, a careful presentation is made of the history of the western education in Nigeria, the trends in its development and the relevance of the system to the overall l development of the country. Attempt is also made to relate the system to the experiences of the traditional and Islamic education systems that existed collectively and separately in the North and Southern parts of the country. The common ideals shared by the systems in the advancement of education in Nigeria, most of which were re-echoed by the National Policy document on education, are presented.

OBJECTIVESAt the end of this unit, you should be able to:(i) outline the detailed history of western education in Nigeria;(ii) Examine the objectives and relevance of the system to the educational development of the country;(iii) Assess the significant impact the system had on Nigeria; and(iv)Establish the relationship of the system with the traditional and Islamic goals of education in Nigeria.

The history of western education in Nigeria was traceable to the Portuguese traders who came to Benin in the early part of the 15th century. Then, they taught the children of the Oba of Benin. However, no meaningful development of western education which was not accepted took root until late 18th and early 19th centuries.However, the history of meaningful Western Education in Nigeria is traceable to the activities of the Christian missionaries, which started in 1842. Accounts of this historical event were given by numerous educationists. Among them were, Taiwo, O C (1980), Adesina, S (1988),Fajana, A (1978) and Fafunwa (1974) to mention but just a few.

The years 1889-1906, witnessed gradual development of the dual education, in whichGovernment participated more and more alongside the missionaries in providing education in Nigeria.This experience helped immensely in the administration and management of education later in the colony and protectorate of Southern Nigeria. Not only had the number of schools increased during the period, the curriculum of the schools also became diversified to include subjects like geography, history, Yoruba language, drawing and sewing for girls. Others include Latin, Greek, mathematics, photography, book keeping, botany, chemistry, physics,French, physiology, national history, to mention but a few.


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