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Where Can I Buy Alcohol Online

This content is intended for readers 21+. Please drink responsibly. If you or anyone you know is dealing with alcohol abuse, get help. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) provides a free, confidential, 24/7, treatment referral, and information service.

where can i buy alcohol online

Trying to carry home two bottles of wine, a handle of whiskey, a six-pack of beer, and some bitters to stock our bar cart might as well be an Olympic sport. But buying alcohol doesn't have to be so strenuous, and for anyone who can't or doesn't want to go outside to the store, there's always alcohol delivery.

We've broken down how to buy alcohol online and the best places to order from whether you're into spirits, wine, or beer. Some can get you your alcohol within a couple of hours of ordering, while others may have set shipping schedules. Always keep in mind that each state has its own laws when it comes to delivering alcohol.

Drizly works with your local liquor stores to get you wine, beer, spirits, and even mixers, snacks, and party supplies quickly. Delivery's free in New York City and only $5 in other areas (though no matter where you are, you'll pay a $1.99 service fee to Drizly). Drizly service is available in more than 1,500 cities nationwide.

There's no shortage of choice at, where you can shop by varietal and region, or browse various curated lists and deals. You can also pick up gift baskets, glassware, and other wine accessories to supplement your bottles.

In addition to providing quality options (including rare bottles) at great prices, Flaviar also serves as an online community for fellow fans (850,000+ strong) to get together and talk about everything spirits-related.

Tippsy is an online store for sake, and it keeps the category from being overwhelming with taste profiles, pairing suggestions, translations of Japanese labels and descriptions, and more. Bottles can be purchased a la carte or through a subscription that arrives one, two, or four times a year. Each box contains six 10-ounce bottles, and your first box comes with a Sake 101 guide with tasting notes, and suggestions on food pairings and even what temperatures to enjoy the sake.

This is a great way to expand your palate and knowledge of alcohol without venturing out to a Japanese restaurant. Currently, you can get $15 flat shipping on all orders, or earn free shipping if you spend $150 or more.

ReserveBar is an online luxury spirit and wine store that carries rare bottles, gift sets, and fine drinkware. It's the perfect place to find top-shelf options for special occasions.

Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects. For more information go to

Offer valid on any online order over $150 (excludes taxes and discounts). Valid for shipping anywhere within Washington only. Not valid when shipping to any other state. Order arrives within 3-5 business days. Excludes Gift Cards.

Offer valid on any online order over $150 (excludes taxes and discounts). Valid for shipping anywhere within Arizona only. Not valid when shipping to any other state. Order arrives within 3-5 business days. Excludes Gift Cards.

Offer valid on any online order over $150 (excludes taxes and discounts). Valid for shipping anywhere within California only. Not valid when shipping to any other state. Order arrives within 3-5 business days. Excludes Gift Cards.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't forget to check the fine print to make sure these stores ship to your state. AK, AL, HI, KY, MS, and UT have much stricter alcohol laws (or are non-contiguous) so be mindful before hitting "buy." And of course, you must be of legal age and home to sign for the delivery.

Just put in your address and Drizly will tell you what's available for delivery. On top of alcohol, they can deliver party supplies, mixers, ice, and more. They also have cocktail recipes on the site. That means you can plan a mini party for you and your roommate without ever stepping foot outside. Since this is basically Seamless for booze, delivery fees and order minimums depend on where you're ordering from.

Like Winc, Firstleaf offers you a little quiz to get a sense of your preferences. Then they send you six wines tailored to your tastes. You can rate your wine online or talk to their concierge team if you have questions/concerns. The more wine you rate, the better Firstleaf will get at pinpointing the best wines for you. There's also a community to chat with and a newsletter.

I've tried this wine and it's pretty darn good! I use the empty bottles as bud vases. Each beaker is filled with one glass of wine (6.3 ounces). You can choose white, rose, red, or a mix of all three. They all have at least 12% alcohol and the white wine has zero added sugar. Shipping is free when you order 12 bottles or more.

Looking for a product that is not in your store? Virginia ABC now offers expanded product availability statewide from our central warehouse! Over 2,000 products can be ordered online for store pickup in 7-14 days.

Buying alcohol online can be an easy way to get your favorite beverages brought straight to your door. If you're of legal drinking age, you'll just need to create your account, select the product you want, complete your transaction, and accept the delivery. Following the law is easy as long as you follow the same laws as you do locally and don't lie to the retailer.

Ordering alcohol online has never been easier. Simply enter your postcode to find which beers, wines and spirits are available in your area. Even better, their handy app allows you to track your delivery!

Saucey, an LA-based company, do their utmost to supply you with, well, sauce, as speedily as possible. Saucey promises alcohol delivery across the US in 30 minutes (in most cases, of course. If your nearest neighbour is 4 miles down the dirt track and then straight on till sunset, you may be waiting a little longer).

Founded in 1944, US wine experts Zachys have decades of experience. They aim to offer a truly personalised experience, providing wine consultations, an online wine concierge, and hold events and tastings.

With over 650 breweries featured, and beers from 47 different states, Tavour is big on variety. More than just a beer store, Tavour encourages customers to download their app, where you can peruse countless member-only beers and lagers before making your choice.

You may well breathe a sigh of relief to learn that most states allow home deliveries of liquor to private individuals over the age of 21. However, that all-important word being: most. Unfortunately, if you live in Alabama, Oklahoma or Utah, you are not permitted to receive deliveries of alcohol at all. Off to the liquor store you go!

Lucky you. You can bypass the irksome minefield of state-by-state regulations. In the UK, you can purchase wines, beers and spirits online providing you can verify you are over 18 years old both at the point of order and the point of delivery. It is a legal requirement that premises license holders operate an age verification policy, inclusive of a photo ID.

Notably, in Canada, the legal drinking age varies from each province and territory. The legal age is 18 years old in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec. The remaining states require you to be 19 years old in order to consume alcohol.

Online wine sales increased dramatically during the pandemic. And several state legislatures are working on laws that would make it easier to purchase spirits online. The demand is there, which could mean online alcohol sales are about to skyrocket, and savvy web retailers could take advantage of growing consumer enthusiasm.

Some exceptions to the three-tiered system have happened over the last decade. California, not surprisingly, allows wineries more latitude in selling to restaurants and retailers, and consumers can buy wine directly from producers in most states. But these scenarios are limited. Most alcohol sales in the U.S. exist through the three-tier system, and it gets confusing when those sales occur online.

Not only does Maryland have unique laws about when you can buy alcohol, it also limits where you can buy alcohol. Current law allows for all alcohol to be purchased at free standing stores and licensing prohibits sales at most chain stores. So, if you want beer, wine or liquor for your next celebration, you will need to make a special trip to a dedicated store. Here are a few of the most common questions regarding the sale of alcohol in Maryland.

Through sites like Drizly, a limited number of Marylanders can have alcohol delivered to their door through partnerships with stand-alone liquor stores. Delivery is subject to county laws and varies accordingly.

House Bill 996, sponsored by Delegate Qi, and Senate Bill 763, which supported needed changes to the current alcohol laws, failed to pass in the 2021 legislative session. But the efforts to update these laws continue with future legislative proposals.

During the event, no alcoholic beverages sold by the permittee can consumed outside of the area that is licensed. For example, if your permit is for a tent at a fair, anyone who purchased alcohol from you must consume the alcohol in the tent and can't take remove the alcohol from the tent.

A Catering Permit is a one-day permit that authorizes currently licensed on-premises retailers to provide alcoholic beverages at specific, private events located off the premises. The applicant must provide food, in addition to alcoholic beverages at the event. Applicants may not cater for themselves.

Marketing Permits may only be used at events where no fee is charged by the supplier or wholesaler to a consumer attending or participating in the event. Each sample given at the event must be limited to 3 oz. or less for beer, wine products and cider, to 2 oz. for wine and to 1/4 oz. for liquor. Liquor and wine used for tastings do not have to be price posted items, however, liquor and wine sold by the bottle must be price posted. 041b061a72


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