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How To Buy A Suit

As shown in the example for Max, Nat, and Ray above - sometimes it is just a matter of preference of which people prefer. In general, younger and slimmer people may prefer a tighter fit of their suit, while people a bit older or of bigger build prefer a more generous fit. So depending on the type of person you are (there is no right or wrong!), this could help you decide when on the borderline.

how to buy a suit

Spending the small amount of time and effort to size correctly will make you feel more satisfied with your purchase, make less chance of regrets later, and limit the need for the hassle of returns or exchanges. Most importantly, it will make you most appreciate the perfect fit and confidence that your new suit brings! And if you still have questions or concerns, you can always utilize the chat function, or email for someone to get back to you and help with your questions.

As you might imagine, the higher the Super number the finer the wool and the tighter the weave, making the cloth softer and more luxurious. Whilst higher quality means a higher price, the investment made will pay off over the years. The most desirable fabrics for the corporate environment include woollen suits and if you want to splash out then cashmere/high twist wool blends are quite extraordinary to wear.

Fit from the shoulder first, look for a neat waist and a slim sleeve. These are three key characteristics you need to know when buying a suit and dealing with a suit tailor. As long as you have these three things in mind when choosing a suit, your jacket should fit accurately and look modern.

Single-breasted suits can be worn for most occasions whether for work or a party. A peaked lapel is more dramatic than a notch, but a notch is more versatile. Personally, I like the sophisticated aesthetic of a wide notched lapel. It looks rich and bold, but not overly extravagant as a peak lapel sometimes does.

Finally, the colour of a suit is also very important. Rich, patterned grey and bright, plain navy suits are popular colours that are trending this coming season and for next winter too. Grey and navy are also more interesting than black and look good against most complexions.

Here is a helpful video that shows how to determine your proper suit size. If you know a good tailor or seamstress, ask for their help. This knowledge will greatly increase your chances of finding a suit that fits when buying online.

eBay vendors usually will provide jacket chest width, jacket length, sleeve length, pants waist size and inseam length measurements in their descriptions for used suits. Here is a video that shows you how to measure a suit jacket that fits you well.

Compare the measurements of the used suit you plan to purchase on eBay to a suit that fits you well. Sometimes, used suits may be the size you need but may have been altered by the original owner. Comparing measurements will ensure that the suit will still be a good fit with minimal alterations.

A fused construction suit glues a lower quality interlining into the front panel of the jacket. Nearly all inexpensive suits (below $500 retail) use fused interlining construction. It is the lowest quality of suit construction. Suit jackets with poor quality fused construction interlinings may separate with repeated dry cleaning (you may start to see puckering on the lapel and jacket front as the glued interlining separates from the outer cloth) and do not last nearly as long as sewn half-canvas or full canvas suit construction.

Better modern suits made of lighter weight fabrics that feature half canvas and full canvas interlining construction usually add lightweight fusing as well to give the front of the jacket a bit more body and weight. In summary, cheaper suits will have fused interlining construction, better quality modern suits will feature half or full canvas interlining plus some fusing in construction.

Generally, you dry-clean only when your suit is visibly soiled or dirty. Dry cleaning chemicals inevitably shorten the life of any suit. Dry clean as infrequently as possible (once a year is recommended). By thrift-shopping you can inexpensively acquire a collection of quality suits that are worn in rotation, minimizing the need for frequent dry-cleaning. With these simple precautions, you will be able to get years of good looks and wear from your suit.

Generally, in mass-market brands, the more fashionable a suit is, the poorer the quality. A quality suit is made to last for many years so it will not have the latest faddish details. Buy for longevity. My favorite blazer was purchased used at a thrift shop thirty years ago for $25.00. It has full canvas construction, wears beautifully, and still gets compliments each time I wear it. You can always update the look of a conservative well-made suit with your choice of shirt, tie, and accessories.

If you pay careful attention to the suit measurements mentioned in tip #1 you may need only minimal alterations. Be sure that the suit fits well in the shoulders, as that can be a prohibitively expensive alteration. Generally, waist, cuff, and sleeves can be easily altered. Truthfully, unless you are a fairly standard size, alterations are necessary whether you buy new or used suits.

If you have purchased a used suit on eBay with measurements that match a suit that fits you well, you will avoid more difficult and expensive alterations. You may also find that certain brands fit you better than others. If you buy good quality, that used suit will easily give you ten years or more of service. You may decide that it is worth the expense of professional tailoring.

I purchased an inexpensive sewing machine (Brother 17 Stitch Sewing Machine for $75.00 at Walmart) and taught myself to do basic alterations. It was a great investment, allowing me to do waist, sleeve length and inseam alterations quite easily on my suits, shirts, and pants.

What color suit should you get? Most people will tell you that young professional women should buy a navy suit or a dark charcoal suit, if only because both colors are less severe than black.

Almost all my suits are from Brooks Brothers. I started buying there after I got pregnant and discovered the glories of tailoring. BB also makes clothes for people that are not size 6. The bad thing about BB is that they are not very trendy. The good thing about BB is that they are not very trendy (so the suits last forever). I try to jazz the suits up with the shirt. You can catch good sales there and they have a great outlet store outside of Houston.

I love Classiques Entier suits from Nordstrom. They are expensive at full price ($200 for a jacket, $175 for pants/skirt) but they almost always go on sale, or you can also try finding them at Nordstrom Rack. The brand is particularly good for pear shapes/those with ample hips or derriere. Some of the suits are wool, some are a poly mix.

Cost per wear. A suit that costs less but becomes worn out sooner costs more per wear than one that costs more upfront but lasts for several years. A BB suit is probably going to last 4 times as long as a CE suit.

I think any light, pastel colors would be great with a khaki suit, so think light pink, baby blue, mint green. I think cream or white would obviously be doable as well. I think blouses and layering pieces should be kept a bit lighter, so nothing too heavy in terms of fabric- think whispy/light/delicate blouses or shells, perhaps in silk crepe or georgette of sorts. Silk scarves in the same colors and light fabrics would also probably do well to put under a khaki suit. I would keep shoes/accessories lighter as well, so think light/reddy browns, creams, bones, or pearls. I think dark brown might work as well, depending on the other outfit choices.

I have a khaki suit. I wear it with short sleeved, light, form fitting sweaters. I have two I got years ago at Gap of all places. One is light pink and the other is a baby blue. Add pearls, brown shoes, and it looks nice.

Hey, thanks for posting that! I too am 5.7 ten on bottom and 8 on top! My main problem is to get the suit to be long enough to cover half my heel! I hate pants that look too short and I like wearing 4-5 inch heels.

For the super petite Corporettes out there, meaning size OO in Theory, please share what conservative skirt suits you wear! (I know we discussed this in an old thread, but I do not recall suggestions other than Theory). Please feel free to discuss suits at diverse price points. Thanks!

My suits are all Lafayette 128. You can get them at Nordstrom, Saks, Neimans, Lord & Taylor, or order direct from their website. They have a great sale going on right now. They are very pricey but worth it. They also have plus sizes.

What about made to measure and custom suiting? I have 2 made to measure suits from NYC designer Kal Rieman ( and have worn the 2 pieces separately and together so many times it factors out to pennies per wear. I wear both with her double collar button down shirt and always receive compliments. Great high quality alternative to buying off the rack.

I have some major scarring on my lower legs, so I feel that skirts are completely inappropriate. However, I do want to be taken seriously in a pantsuit. Is this really such a big deal on the skirts vs pants?

The current styles were founded in the revolution during the early 19th century that sharply changed the elaborately embroidered and jewelled formal clothing into the simpler clothing of the British Regency period, which gradually evolved to the stark formality of the Victorian era. It was in the search for more comfort that the loosening of rules gave rise in the late 19th century to the modern lounge suit. Thanks.

Ralph Lauren offers a refined line of suiting that never go out of style, with pieces cut from fine, premium fabrics that can stand up to rigorous wear and deliver precise tailoring. Handcrafted suits like this are an investment but they will last a lifetime. 041b061a72


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